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Invest in Buena Vista Hills

Why Invest in Buena Vista Hills?

Buena Vista Hills, the best investment

When it comes to Spain, there are many desirable places, whether in the foodie’s Basque country, the architecture lover’s Catalonia or the sun-bather’s Valencia. However, there’s nothing out there that can really beat the Costa Del Sol in Andalusia, with its sun, night-life, open excitement and luxury living, and within there, the new, sought-after luxury development; Buena Vista Hills. Here’s why you should invest in it while you still have the chance to!


Buena Vista Hills’ ROI and value

As you’re probably aware, the property market is still one of the world’s highest growing investments, with massive amounts of investment throughout the world, especially as the wealthy want to diversify into international markets for future security. At the same time as investing in new, developing countries that are opening up, such as parts of Africa, Asia and south America, established countries such as Great Britain, America and Spain are opening up new areas of development devoted solely to luxury living to appeal to investors at home and abroad.

With developments continuing in the area and luxury villas being built constantly at the time of this writing, the ROI is very high on a villa here! As each villa is completed, it will generate a 30% growth in capital gain as well as yielding high annual rental returns, in the range of 5% to 7%. With villas constantly being snapped up in the area, market demand will only increase the price and therefore, your early investment higher too! On the other side, if you’d like financing to help buy a villa to grow an initial investment, then it is offered for up to 70% as well!

As with any property, it is worth using a management company to take care of the property and keep it in good condition so that its yield continues throughout the years and decades!

The location and climate of Buena Vista Hills

While it’s well known that Andalusia has fantastic weather, the Costa Del Sol is especially famous for its fantastic beaches, rolling hills and unique, beautiful nature. There’s a reason it’s become one of the highest growing regions for tourism, with more and more people coming from all over the world for its luxury living! The region is also very close to one of Spain’s most attractive cities, Malaga.

The Buena Vista Hills development itself is also very easily accessible, with the closest airport only a 20 minute drive away. The nearest towns of Benalmadena and Fuengirola are a little over 10 minutes drive, and the nearest beach is less than 10 minutes away, so you could be enjoying the sea and sand in no time at all. Shopping districts and supermarkets are also only a short drive away, so there’s no need to travel far!

Finally, in terms of long-term investment, the region is very politically stable, with Spain in the EU and Andalusia itself not vying for independence as Catalonia is. There are also multiple developments taking place around Costa Del Sol to accomodate the extra tourism the area is now gaining; improving the value of your property even further!

The construction of Buena Vista Hills

As luxury villas, the properties are being built with premium materials and standards all over the properties and in all aspects of construction. Special care is being taken to add extra longevity to the villas to improve investment values, as well as having an extremely strong focus on safety, comfort and durability.

On the inside, all the villas will sport double high ceilings, ultra-modern appliances, conveniences and mod-cons & very large, high windows, as well as open spaces to let in as much natural light as possible and make the villas bright and airy. Not only does this make the property look fantastic, but also helps save on energy bills by not requiring lights to be turned on during the daytime. The kitchens will be state-of-the-art and feature innovative appliances from Bosch, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of kitchen equipment.

On the outside, every villa has a beautiful, large private garden, featuring tons of greenery, as well as palm trees that grow naturally in the region. The architecture of each villa is built to be bright and modern, with lots of white and glass materials. Each garden also has the latest infinity pools looking over the hills for a beautiful view while you swim or just relax in the water. There’s nothing quite like watching a spanish sunset while overlooking the beach and Andalusian region’s rolling hills while relaxing in the pool!

Convinced you should invest in the region yet? If so, then visit the Buena Vista Hills website to learn more about buying in the region! If not, then why not do some more research or ask your financial adviser?

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