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Thamarai Design

Thamarai Design is a landscape design and swimming pool company providing global services based at Marbella, Spain. They are inspired by the creative possibilities of sustainability, waterscapes, and hardscapes motivated by the desire to connect people to nature.

About the company

Thamarai Design has over 19 years of international experience in landscaping and pool design. This includes luxury hotels, resorts, exclusive private properties, and innovative commercial projects in Spain and Singapore. Thamarai Design also has extensive experience and knowledge in project planning, site management, design, and implementation.

Passionate about their work, they have always been committed to creating modern landscaping that respects the environment, in which water plays a major role.
Their team includes top professionals in landscaping projects and swimming pools. They believe in innovative collaboration and work closely with a large network of international consultants and local partners.

From beginning to end, you can expect consistent, thorough, creative and high-quality work in all aspects. You do not need to know anything about graphic design or related terminologies to get a clear picture of the end result. By using computer-generated images and interactive videos, it is possible to provide clear designs and details so you know exactly what you will do in your garden or pool project. Realizing your dream in a beautiful outdoor space has never been easier.

Their Stand

Each project is carefully designed, managed and implemented with care to create a fully completed project to your satisfaction and is durable. In-water furniture and accessories for ledges offer the ultimate swimming pool experience. They are of high quality are elegant and durable for the perfect water luxury.

With Thamarai Design you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands. With years of experience, you are sure of both quality and outstanding work.

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