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Success of Habitat Alborán in just 2 months

Habitat Inmobiliaria’s Habitat Alboran Promotion

Habitat Inmobiliaria is a sixty-five-year-old real estate development company. The company has its headquarters in Madrid and several subsidiary offices in different parts of Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, and Seville. The highly experienced firm employs some of the most professional employees who help in the development of high-quality architectural homes and spaces. The company concentrates on the areas of innovation, design, and sustainability in all the developments and promotions. This, in turn, translates into high quality, comfortable, and energy-efficient homes that users love. Over the years, the company has gained popularity for the quality of work that it produces.

The firm takes pride in completing more than thirteen thousand homes and more than four thousand homes that are currently in development in forty-six promotions in different parts of the country. One of the main reasons for the success of Habitat Inmobiliaria is the fact that the firm has financial support from Bain Capital Credit and other competent collaborators and investors. The firm also works with loyal clients with whom they have developed a relationship with for several years. The most recent development promotion is called the Habitat Alboran.

About Habitat Alboran

Habitat Alboran is a promotion under the establishment of Habitat Inmobiliaria in Torremolinos. It was introduced to the public in a public event. The event was attended by prominent individuals from both the public and private sector. The mayor of Torremolinos in Jose Ortiz was also present. The promotion aimed to reach a huge part of the reserves. It is safe to say that the development has been an enormous success, having reached more than twenty per cent of the reserves in two months. The promotion features archaeology works in the reserves and the fact that they are fast advancing to create room for the integration of the remains of the Romans.

Habitat Inmobiliaria hired the services of HCP architecture studio in the development of the design for Habitat Alboran. The promotion will involve more than 100 million worth of investment from the real estate development firm. Habitat Alboran consists of four buildings designed with units featuring one-bedroom to four-bedroom houses. The houses will mainly be developed in the town of Malaga as well as La Cizana’s Paseo Maritimo de Torremolinos. More specifically, the development will take place fifteen kilometres from the Malaga-Costa del Sol International airport and twenty kilometres away from the city centre in Malaga. It is an ideal location for urban development due to the availability of infrastructure and social amenities. In an attempt to urbanize the areas mentioned above, the real estate development firm seeks to build large garden areas, swimming pools in different locations as well as parks for children.

The Main Picture

Habitat Alboran is part of a larger business plan by Habitat Inmobiliaria under the chairmanship of Juan Maria, who seeks to bring the company to a new stature. The company aims to leave its footprints in significant parts of the Nation with more than forty other promotions taking place in different parts of Madrid.

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