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Spain is the world’s healthiest country

Living in the World’s Healthiest Nation: Spain.

A recent study conducted by Bloomberg (2019) that ranked close to 169 economies based on several health variables revealed that Spain is the healthiest nation in the world. Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index collected the data based on factors such as health risks like obesity, life expectancy, sanitation and access to clean water among other key considerations. It is intriguing that Spain got a 92.75 health grade which is way higher that the health score of some of the strongest economies in the world making it one of the best places to live in.

The Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index:

In 2017, Bloomberg ranked Spain as the sixth healthiest country in the world. The 2019 edition, however, reveals pleasing results especially for anyone whose dream is to settle in Spain. The fact that this European nation ranked before Italy is fascinating; here are other European countries that made to top ten:

• Italy which came in second (91.59 Health Grade)• Iceland, third healthiest country in the world – Health Grade: 91.44
• Switzerland – Fifth with a health grade of 90.93
• Sweden – Came in sixth with a fantastic Health Grade of 90.24 and

• Norway which was the ninth healthiest nation (89.09 Health Grade)

Bloomberg’s study predicts that by 2040, Spain will transition from having the uppermost life expectancy at birth (among the EU nations) to overtaking Japan and becoming the state with highest lifespan across the globe. To make clearer comparisons, it is a good idea to know the rank of some of the well-known economies in the world: the US came in at 35th place (a few spots below Cuba!), Britain was ranked 19th, and Japan ranked forth.

Why Spain Ranked First

There are many health and environmental factors that make Spain the best and healthiest place to live in. A medical school at the University of Navarre carried out a study that revealed why Italy and Spain have managed to remain top of the list. It might be because of the Mediterranean diet which is supplemented with nuts and extra-virgin olive oil that is low in fats and reduce main cardiovascular events. One thing is evident: Spain’s healthy eating habits have led to the tremendous health levels recorded.Best Destinations in Spain to Settle In: Costa del Sol

Undoubtedly, choosing to live in Spain is one of the best critical decisions you can make in your life. There are many new developments in Costa del Sol that makes it among the best

destinations to move into in this country; it has a warm climate not to mention its modern facilities and amenities. Its marvelous sandy beaches are perfect and attract many tourists. Here are few interesting things you should know about Costa del Sol and Malaga:

• Costa del Sol is also called “the Coast of the Sun.”
• The Coast of the Sun has the best and most conducive climate in Spain (19 degree Celsius temperature throughout an year).
Malaga Airport is Spain’s third largest airport; this eases commuting.
• Malaga is among the oldest cities in the world.
• The city of Malaga is Spain’s fourth largest and vibrant economy; it comes behind Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia.

Perks of settling in Costa del Sol

Living in the healthiest country in the world is fantastic; there are many additional benefits that anyone who chooses to live in Costa del Sol will enjoy. The destination has the best and healthiest Spanish cuisines in Europe – freshness and diversity are the two words that sum up Malaga cuisines.

Diversity and Freshness

There is notable cultural diversity in Malaga and Costa del Sol at large; this is why many tourists visit this destination in large numbers. Expect to find any nationality

 and style of cuisine here. Since the destination is located on the Mediterranean, freshly caught fish that come with healthy, fresh countryside ingredients are available in surplus.


Settling in destinations with unfavourable climate may cause lots of health complications in the long run. Malaga has a super unique climate that is utterly favourable for a

ny person. The mild climate that is enjoyed 356 days per year attracts European residents and tourists who are in search of happier, sunnier, and healthier climes. You do not have to worry about the cold winter, this destination is mostly sunny and ideal for winter living.

Importance of Food

Spain is a perfect destination for food-lovers and culture-seekers, and so is Malaga. The fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, olive oil, and best wines in Costa del Sol seem to be the ideal ingredients for a strong healthy life. The destination is known by many for its superb gastronomic bars perfect for families.

Spain’s “Que Sera Sera” Way of Life

Spanish lifestyle gives huge importance to enjoying life. Some individuals in most nations are too busy worrying about what will happen in future. Spanish life is, however,

different, the gracious inhabitants put a lot of emphasis about living happy lives, holding fiestas, nightlife, strolling through Costa del Sol streets among other fun activities. People living stress-free lives have a longer life expectancy; this is proven.

Living in Costa del Sol vs. Spanish healthcare system

Spain is known to have the best healthcare system in the world. Spain’s National Health Service has a vast network of health centers and hospitals that are situated throughout the nation. Any resident in Costa del Sol can benefit from primary healthcare services offered that include nursing and pediatrics, GP and family services, and countless physiotherapy services.

Theoretically, the healthcare facilities are situated within fifteen minutes of any residence in Spain. Depending on the circumstance, Spanish medical professionals can attend to you in the comfort of your home. Spanish healthcare centers are well-equipped and modern; however, you should keep in mind that majority of medical practitioners in Spain do not speak English. Nonetheless, there are many voluntary translation service providers to seek during your medical appointments.

Find the perfect home in Costa del Sol with EXPO Costa del Sol. The permanent open seven-day-a-week real estate exhibition has the best promotions for newly built properties. It is perfect for real estate professionals as well as national and international home seekers who wish to settle in the healthiest nation in the world.

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