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Should You Apply for NIE Before Moving to Spain?

Should You Apply for NIE Before Moving to Spain?

If you are planning to move to Spain, you should find out whether you need to apply for NIE and how to go about it. Below are the circumstances under which you will have to apply for NIE before moving to Spain.

You are planning to purchase a property. In this case, a lawyer will help to organise your NIE since this forms part of the required legal process.
You are planning to buy your own car as soon as you arrive in Spain. If this is the case, you must have a written offer from the dealer before you can apply for NIE.
You intend to set up a utility contract like a fixed-line, mobile, or electricity contract.

Note that there might be a long waiting list for the NIE applicants, just like the one for residency appointments. It is advisable to wait until you apply for residency unless you are in urgent need of a car utility contract. But this might not affect the waiting period.

There have been cases where applicants are denied NIE. This mostly happens when the reason for the application does not conform to the application. However, if you succeed at getting it, you might have to undergo a similar process when applying for residency.

If you have decided that you need NIE instead of residency, read on and learn how best you can do it.

A while ago, things used to be different. You could not apply for NIE before moving to Spain. It used to happen much faster if you applied after you arrive in Spain. But it looks like things have changed a bit.

According to the individuals who have been helped to move or relocate to from Scotland and South Africa, the process is much smoother and faster when done after your arrival. This is one of the reasons we have decided to change our perspective on the same.

Once you get to Spain, you will be requested to show some evidence as to why you are applying for the NIE instead of residency. In case you have one of the reasons listed below, then you will have to produce concrete evidence.

1. Property Purchase

If you are applying for the NIE for property purchase, you will be asked to provide details like:

The full address of the property you intend to purchase
ID details and the names of the vendor (NIE/DNI)
Date, name, and time when you and the seller will sign the deeds.

2. Business Set Up

In this case, you will be asked to provide some details on your business and the reason for setting up the operation in Spain. Here are some details that will be required:

The business address, capital, name, names of the partners if there is any, and the business’s line of operation
Name, time, and date when you have the appointment to have the company constituted

3. Vehicle Purchase

Most people who apply for NIE for the purchase a vehicle are always asked to show things like:

Model, make, and the registration number of the vehicle they are trying to purchase
If it is a private sale, you will have to produce the name and the ID details of the vendor
If you are buying from a dealer, make sure that you have the commercial details of the company from which you intend to buy the vehicle

4.Temporary Work Contract

If this is your reason for applying for the NIE, you will have to issue a copy of your work contract and some details of the employer such as the ID number, and some bank details from which the social security payments are made.


If you are moving to Spain because of any of the reasons mentioned above, then applying for the NIE is mandatory. Most of the time, the process might be lengthy, but it is worth it. Make sure you prepare the necessary documents to avoid delays and inconveniences in the application process.

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