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>Sin categoría >Málaga: one of the best European cities to live in.

Málaga: one of the best European cities to live in.

Find out why this city is one of the top 10 cities in terms of quality of life.

Living in Málaga is an experience many would call a dream but very few people actually know.

Located at the very south of the Iberian Peninsula, this place is the second largest city of Andalusia and it is surrounded by magnificent mountains on the north, while the Mediterranean coastline merges with the ground to provide a marvellous sight that brings peace to the windows of its inhabitants.

The hometown of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas -as well as many other outstanding artists- was founded in the VIII century BCE by the Phoenicians and it was first named Malaka due to its accessible harbour. Over the millennia, many cultures have visited, conquered and lived in this incredible location, which is one of the reasons why their people are so open to multiculturalism and to immigration.

In fact, during the ’70s and ’80s, there was a touristic boom in Costa del Sol -one of its most touristic areas. Today, this tourism surge has changed its course and those who go to the old city are investing and staying. After all, the city has many positive aspects to offer and nobody wants to leave them behind.

Over 300 sunny days a year

The streets of Málaga are flooded of sunlight over 300 days a year. That’s why many people are constantly enjoying several outdoor activities: they can do it almost all year long. Besides, the inhabitants barely feel the winter for two or three weeks a year. But only if you take into account the statement of the capital, where 50 °F less is called cold.

The gastronomic passion is in the air

Another very important aspect is its gastronomy. 10 Michelin stars have not been awarded there for nothing and that’s just the tip of the iceberg if you love the high cuisine. Even though modernism is a very intrinsic part of Costa del Sol, tradition is still part of their kitchen, as you will be able to read in their menus with gazpacho, fennel stew or their wonderful sardines.

Mountain and sea in the same place

The province with 184 Km of shore to enjoy the Mediterranean sea in hidden beaches and bays does not only have all the services you need to enjoy yourself, but it also has different nature landscapes, like mountains and trails, to choose from. This freedom is another important aspect to take into account if you are expecting to spend some time in this incredible location.

High quality of life

Costa del Sol is one of the top European destinations to live, according to the Eurobarometer survey. The perfect mix of climate, geography, security, employment, housing, services and many others have improved the quality of life of its inhabitants to a point where there are more reasons than you can count.

Inhale smiles and exhale happiness

The Happiness Research Institute placed Málaga as the city where people smile the most worldwide. The experts point out that it is contagious, so you may get happy easier if you move to the city.

Multiple cultural proposals

As there are 37 different museums in the city, there are choices for every taste and like. Thanks to these proposals, you will be able to immerse yourself in Picasso’s artwork, explore the artistic mistery in the Russian Museum, get to know the province’s wine tradition in the Wine Museum, amaze before the contemporary art at the Pompidou, go to the Glass Museum, the Thyssen, the Holy Week or any other. There are options for everyone!

Endless villages and towns to get lost (in a good way)

There are 103 different municipalities nearby. Salares, for example, has a little over 200 inhabitants and its wonderful Mudéjar tower is located at the footstep of a natural landscape. The same way, El Acebuchal is a village of Cómpeta but it is still near Frigiliana, one of the cutest towns in all Spain. In Júzcar you can almost become a smurf, while in Alpandeire you can see first-hand different mummies. There are so many options, you will be able to travel and almost become a tourist in your own city.

So, what are you waiting for? Come visit this paradisiac land and give it a try!

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