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>Travel >Looking for a holiday’s residence? Go for Fuengirola
Fuengirola as a holiday residence

Looking for a holiday’s residence? Go for Fuengirola

Fuengirola as a holiday’s residence

Holidays make some of the most favourite times of the year for most people. During such times, the calendar clears for most working people so that all they are looking forward to is having a good time. Some of the best places to go on holiday with a family are hidden gems like Fuengirola.


Fuengirola is a family-friendly place located halfway between Malaga and Marbella. The coastal town is a serene location that allows holidaymakers from all over the world to take part in fun activities and create memorable moments with family and friends. Being a beach town, Fuengirola has expansive beaches and a wide range of water activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Other than the water and the beautiful beaches, Fuengirola is an ancient Spanish town. As such, it allows its visitors to study and experience the Spanish cultural evolutions over time as defined by its architectural marvels and cuisines. Fuengirola is well serviced by a network of roads as well as an international airport. This makes it ideal for European as well as international travellers who can quickly arrive by plane and easily transit to their destinations. As a result, you will find that you can explore different parts of the city with ease even on a modest budget.


History of Fuengirola


Fuengirola has a long history dating back to the 2nd century B.C. Various powers have occupied the town over the centuries due to its beauty as well as its strategic location. As such, the hills just outside the town are homes to some ancient castles. The Romans are some of the people who lived here, and the remnants of their life and culture can be seen in the town’s museum, the Museo de Historia.


One of the benefits of going on a holiday in a place like Fuengirola is that you will meet people you would have otherwise never met. Being a holiday town, you can be guaranteed to meet people from all corners of the world in Fuengirola. This will help you learn new things and exchange ideas.


Many people who visit Fuengirola for the first time fall in love with the town. From the pristine beaches to the Spanish architecture, it is truly a unique place. In fact, most of the visitors admit that they often go back after their initial visit. The visitors either settle in or invest in holiday homes and residences that they may use while in town or as a source of extra income.


Many investors, after observing the growth of Fuengirola as a holiday destination, are keen to create something profitable out of it. As a result, many people and companies invest in holiday residences as well as other holiday facilities in the town to cash in as more and more holidaymakers arrive each year.


Holiday residency is one of the best investment options of our time. As more people in the world lift themselves out of poverty, there is a growth in the middle class. The people in the middle-class income groups have more disposable income that they spend on among other things, holidays and vacations.


Investing in a holiday residence in a place such as Fuengirola is the best decision you can ever make since Spain and numerous other parts of Europe are a top destination for holidaymakers. A holiday residence in the area, therefore, will be a great source of income.


By renting out a holiday residence during the time of year you are not using it, you can generate enough revenues to retire early or take care of common bills. After all, among the best ways of growing wealth is by investing in real estate.


Fuengirola is a beach town; this makes the real estate industry there much more attractive. Moreover, investors can expect decent returns since Fuengirola is already an established tourist town. Therefore, the rates per square foot are much higher and so are the returns on investments.


Places to visit and things to do in Fuengirola


Water activities


As suggested above, there is a list of endless things to do in Fuengirola. With it being a coastal town, for instance, visitors can be sure to enjoy numerous water activities. This means walking in the sandy beaches, taking boat tours, and learning the unique history of Fuengirola.


Dinning and shopping


There are many opportunities for visitors to dine in the city and enjoy local, Mediterranean and international cuisines. Countless bars and discos also make the place irresistible to those who like nightlife. Shoppers can also enjoy shopping unique items and souvenirs in shops located all over the town, playing golf, attending festivals and exploring the local market.


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