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Higueron West 217 and Aquapool Spas presented their projects in EXPO Costa del Sol’s Business Day

Marbella, Spain. 19 June 2019 – Urbania International and Aquapool Spas proudly presented their most recent and outstanding projects in front of over 100 people and agencies on the EXPO Business Day of EXPO Costa del Sol, which took place on 14 June 2019 at the facilities of the permanent exhibition of real estate promoters, as well as linked businesses and services.

Aquapool Spas started with their most innovative and up-to-date hot tubs, including the NXT, Highlife, Limelight and Hotspot collections, while Urbania International finished with their marvellous, unique and sustainable residential project Higueron West, oriented toward a merge of elevated lifestyle, well-being services and healthy environment that would fit with the needs, likes and wants of the modern family.

At the very end of the presentation, all attendees enjoyed the magnificent catering of the hosts with drinks, photos and the most spectacular environment to ease the networking and business talks and activities among all the representatives, investors and prospective buyers who were present.

Aquapool Spas, the future of hot tubs and spas have arrived

The remarkable health and well-being business seems like coming out of a fairy tale in which a Danish couple decided to move and enjoy the marvels of southern Spain -back in 2002-, when a life-changing opportunity turned their lives upside down: entering the hot tubs and spa sector.

The business that started at the backyard of the couple’s house did not only survived the 2009’s recession, but it later became one of the best in the market. It was recognised with the HotSpring’s prestigious Territory Dealer of the Year for Southern Europe from 2012 to 2015 as well as with the Outstanding Service Department award in 2015.

Today, the family and multi-lingual company are proudly carrying out four important projects that position them as one of the best hot tub providers and services in all Marbella. They presented the following in EXPO Costa del Sol:

Hotspot collection

The Hotspot collection entered the market to provide the best quality / price relation in the industry. Their energetically efficient and easy-to-clean hot tubs can seat anywhere from 2 to 6 people and provide a high-quality relaxing environment at the reach of anyone.

Limelight collection

Meant to provide an elegant and modern style, the Limelight collection’s models seat 4 to 7 people and its sophisticated and innovative designs with multicolour lighting and incredible massaging water pressure will help users relax in a high-quality spa.

Highlife collection

The advanced technology of the Highlife collection provides a unique experience in which the massage exclusive innovations, the high energy consumption efficiency and the improvement of the water maintenance make it easy to use and enjoy.

NXT collection

This is the Hotspring’s deluxe edition. These models have several numbers of seats and their polymer rounded corners will fit the structure in any space. Besides, its beautiful design and functionality will match with any kind of space in order to avoid disrupting the outdoor decoration.

Urbania International, changing paradigms

The development company with offices in Brazil, Madrid, Barcelona and Costa del Sol focuses its work in three main lines: residential developments, under the name by Urbania International; student housing, also called Syllabus; and working spaces, also known as Monday.

After their numerous successes in Spain and Brazil, the real estate firm is not only constantly expanding their horizons to countries like Italy or Portugal, but it is also constantly reaffirming its position as one of the best developers in the Spanish market.

In that sense, their representatives presented their incredibly ambitious project Higueron West during the Business Day of Expo Costa del Sol in the following way.

Higueron West 217

The concept of this ambitious million-square-foot development was born to mean something different. An idea that would revolutionize the way homeowners, investors and other developers see and feel real estate, oriented toward luxury, sustainability and innovation. All in the same place.

Over 800 homes and families will have the pleasure to enjoy the million square-feet sustainable green areas, over 100,000 square-feet sports and spa facilities and the most contemporary experience of living in Southern Spain.

The project also brings work closer to their residents, providing homeowners and investors with spaces where they can work and even have meetings with clients or business partners. There are also co-working spaces to encourage networking and improving the relationships among neighbours.

Higueron West 217 intends to strengthen the sense of community, where people have stronger bonds and even better lifestyles.

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