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Estepona: capital of investment in 2020

Estepona’s Real Estates Market in 2020

A lot of people travel to the Costa del Sol, but very few may get to Estepona. Estepona has been a sleepy town for long, but things are currently changing at a fast pace. Estepona, like the other areas of Costa del Sol, has also started to experience growth in investment through new property and infrastructure developments. Hotels and restaurants are among the significant developments that have shifted major property developers’ interest from Marbella to Estepona. Homes investors also see the area as a perfect place to own a home due to changes in core infrastructure all around Estepona.

Some of the major developments include the hospital construction and the extension of the Senda Litoral; which is a beach pathway along the coastline. The hospital, the newly inaugurated theatre and the botanical garden is a boost for residential homes investments, as it will attract more people to settle in the area. There is also the construction of a 34,132 stadium complex at the northern part of the town. The stadium will feature a football pitch, athletics track and a BMX track.

Unlike the other town luxury towns around like Marbella, Estepona is more of a traditional town known for cheaper entertainment. The area has attracted a lot of foreigners over the past few years but continues to maintain its Spanish character with Spanish bars (tapas) and wineries. Unique transport such as horse’s carts are still available in the town’s narrow streets, and most of the shops have a unique Spanish style. Some areas of the beaches are home to some of the busiest beach bars and 5- star hotels that can compete with others in the region. Visitors and residents can also enjoy the town’s waterfront that is full of activities such as coastal walks and boat competitions.

Types of Properties in Estepona

Estepona boasts of a variety of properties such as apartments, houses, luxury villas as well as traditional villas. The property here is cheaper than in the city of Marbella — that is just ten minutes’ drive away. The more affordable prices and proximity to Marbella make the area highly attractive for investors and those looking for a place to call home. Other attractions include the ongoing development, beach life and the several golf courses for golf fans. All these factors make Estepona an excellent choice to settle or invest for higher returns within a short time.

The Future of Estepona’s Real Estates Market

The past few years have seen a boom in the buying and selling of real estates in the area. The improvements in infrastructure and the beautiful surroundings of Estepona is attracting more property buyers. The demand for property is high from both locals and foreigners who want to experience the traditional Spanish way of life. The increasing population is an opportunity for a market in the real estate’s sector as people try to join the community. The luxury hotels developments and the high-end estates such as the new Golden Mile will also attract the wealthy class who would previously choose to settle in the more developed city of Marbella

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