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What should we look at before buying a property?

Buying a property is a very important life decision, at least for most people.

Whether we are investors or not, we will probably want to live in the home for a long time with our family and feel comfortable at the same time.

The huge investment required and the long term plans leave no room for mistakes; knowing what matters is essential. While searching for a home, it is easy to start fantasising about the sort of home we have always dreamed of. However, to find the perfect house it’s important to avoid the mistake of projecting a lifelong fantasy or being too superficial, but instead be conscious and consider that if we find one, the home should adapt to us and not vice versa.

While shopping around for a home, there are some important aspects we should focus on in order to avoid getting carried away by fake mirages. Doing a review of certain technical properties, and the not so technical aspects, can help us to discard homes that, though they might appeal to us for some reason, do not suit our actual needs.

The following valuable tips from real estate experts can help us to know the characteristics we should look at before buying a property. The tips also show how to distinguish better between accessories and what is really important to find the perfect home.

1. Orientation

Out of the overall aspects to consider when visiting a property, orientation is probably the most vital. It is possible to make changes to the distribution systems and the indoor and outdoor facilities, but it is impossible to change the sun. As a result, if we’re going to look at a house oriented towards the north, we need to evaluate how inadequate natural lighting will detract the flooring and overall quality of life in the long term.

2. Isolation

From a far glance, it’s not easy to know the kind of materials used to cover a home and the level of insulation, but we can easily inspect the doors and windows. Double glazing is usually more effective in providing heat and sound insulation to a building.

3. Documentation

When it comes to choosing the ideal property, there are two documents that should focus on: certificate of habitability and certificate of energy efficiency. The certificate of habitability shows the exact measurements and building surfaces; it allows us to know what we are being offered. The certificate of energy efficiency gives us an idea of the building’s energy consumption properties and expenditure. If the home has been given a “D” rating, we will know that the energy consumption is very high. A home with a “B” or “C” is much better.

4. Humidity

Don’t get distracted by the lighting features, outstanding dressing room and beautiful views, because it is very easy to miss out on some vital warning signs. Humidity levels may not be easy to perceive in the first glance and are easily hidden, but not very easy to get rid of. Inspect all the areas of the building by removing, if needed, the drapes.

5. Conservation State

When visiting an apartment or a house, it’s crucial to be be keen and focus on elements that reveal details about the home like its age and any maintenance works that have been done over time. Inspect the carpentry, flooring, walls, taps and other building components carefully. Don’t overlook any leaks, cracks, chipped areas or the deterioration of paint and lacquers.

6. Installations

The main facilities that form a house’s pate are water, heating and electrical systems. Together with the orientation and the carpentry works, electrical systems are one of the aspects we need to be particularly interested in during the first visit.

7. Consumption

The kind of building and the kind of heating will impact the energy consumption level, and thus the utility bills. In this sense, industry experts recommend making several visits to a house at different times of the day to know the heat or cold levels that happen in natural conditions. We should also know the kind of heating systems the house uses: electricity, natural gas or oil.

8. Antiquity

It is important to ask about the age of a home before making a purchase decision. By knowing when it was built, we can deduce based on the building codes that were in force at the time the type of materials and insulations that were used. After defining them, experts add that it is important to evaluate whether the isolation is suitable or the possibility of including it.

9. Neighbourhood and Surroundings

We live in a society; therefore it is important to understand a house. Is it well connected in terms of schools, transport links, shops and other public services? It’s important to study our individual routines and that of our families and ensure that they coincide with the surroundings in which the house is situated.

The neighbourhood is also an important factor. If we are going to take up a 15- or 20-year mortgage, experts recommend knowing the neighbours and the overall community personally. It is important to know whether there are good relations, whether there are defaulters or any reported spills prior to handing over the deposit. Furthermore, also consider the location to know if the house will increase in value over time, if you ever decide to sell in the future.

10. History

Another important consideration before choosing to buy is to check whether the house conceals hidden costs and outstanding payments. Prior to making a decision, there’s need to do some research and find out about the history of the home. For instance, you can contact the previous owners of the property or talk to your real estate agent.

Need help finding the right property? EXPO Costa del Sol always aims to provide living spaces where future homeowners can find the home of their dreams with ease. From the moment a customer comes to us, we guide them through the entire process to facilitate their decision and assist them in finding the exact property they require. As an extra convenience, we allow our customers to finish their paperwork and conduct all the other required processes in the same house they choose, thus saving time and reducing confusion. Contact us today for more details.

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