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EXPO Costa del Sol is a permanent real estate exhibition open 7 days a week with the best new developments, in one of the most attractive destinations in Spain.


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Why join Expo Costa del Sol

Expo Costa del Sol is a membership only real estate exhibition centre that is located in Marbella (Malaga). It welcomes members from real estate companies and related agents. Several benefits would accrue if you joined fellow real estate companies at the exhibition centre. Here are some of them.

You Get a Stand for Visibility

Members get stands at the exhibition center located in Marbella city center. There are more than 40 stands with each housing a member to showcase their offers. Expo Costa del Sol hosts several events across the year where members get a chance to meet potential customers thereby, increasing their visibility.

Get a Whole Page Promotion on Expo Magazine

Expo Costa del Sol has its magazine called the EXPO Magazine. You will get a whole page promotion on the magazine article. The magazine talks of real estate and is distributed in strategic locations in Costa del Sol. It also has a high readership.

Market your Company in the Expo Business Day

We organise an event to welcome every new member of our team. This event offers you a great opportunity to showcase your real estate projects to the potential market and partners.

Get Included in the Press Release

A press release about the event is sent to our database and then published in the leading media brands such as, EuropaPress,, El MundoFinanciero and DiarioSiglo XXI. Therefore, all presentations and the event, in general, will be shared with many media and news platforms.

You have a Microsite on our Website

We will include a microsite about your brand on our website. The microsite will show the description of your company, an interview about your offers as well as the location of your stand in our exhibition centre. We will also include some company pictures as well.

You will have an Exclusive Interview

A recording of an exclusive interview with your company will be published in your microsite as well as all our social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). We will also include a transcription of it in the Expo Magazine and post the video on YouTube.

Get an Opportunity to Network with the Professional Community

You will get an opportunity to interact with other real estate community members that include companies and agencies. As our real estate family grows, so will your network. This is a great opportunity to get great partners and work with other professionals.

Get Premium Membership in Zoddak

We have a brand new app called ZODDAK. This real estate app allows you to do all your tasks on one platform, making your tasks fast and easy to accomplish. All our members get premium membership on the app. Check it out at

Join our Newsletter

We release a newsletter every month with topics generated from our professional database. Therefore, you will get relevant topics and have access to our extended database of professional real estate dealers across Costa del Sol. It is a good opportunity to learn and increase your professional network.

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