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EXPO Costa del Sol is a permanent real estate exhibition open 7 days a week with the best new developments, in one of the most attractive destinations in Spain.


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>News >EXPO Costa del Sol brought the 4th edition of the widely successful EXPO Business Day

EXPO Costa del Sol brought the 4th edition of the widely successful EXPO Business Day

The innovators behind EXPO Costa del Sol brought the 4th edition of the widely successful EXPO Business Day on 25 July this year to reaffirm their presence as the principal real estate event in the area and present a united front when it comes to this industry. During this meeting, the most renowned housing brokers in the area gathered to learn some of the most innovative and effective strategies on real estate digital marketing, thanks to the outstanding presentation of Jose Gomez Zorrilla, who came in the representation of WindUp Estrategias.

Likewise, the real estate agents who attended as spectators learned a couple of aspects about the new high-level development that is changing the local real estate sector in Tarifa, thanks to Jose Maria, the committed representative of this marvelous project called Tarifa Bay. The exclusive and modern promotion has been placed right amid a unique and unparalleled landscape, making it one of the most well-thought places to live peacefully and comfortably. Finally, throughout the presentation, the hosts of the event granted a special Bonus of 2000 Euros for those members of EXPO Costa del Sol who were interested.

WindUp Estrategias: Innovating in digital marketing for real estate properties

It is no secret that the world has already changed and it will continue to do so -every time faster. In that sense, all industries must start changing their idiosyncrasy and migrate to integrate the technological perspective, including the real estate sector. Although this may be hard for some, it is the best way to guarantee a successful future in the industry.

The continuous commitment of EXPO Costa del Sol with the audience that trusts in their authority, including real estate developers, agents, customers and all the businesses that are involved in a turnkey home, led the hosts to ask WindUp Estrategias to speak out about the best and most innovative digital marketing strategies that are currently leading the market.

Thus, the experts explained that the new digital marketing strategies are not based on following trends that already worked, but creating new courses of action based on a single goal and focusing all efforts on achieving the initially set milestones.

Tarifa Bay: a very demanded exclusive development

Tarifa Bay is an exclusive space built over a hill that features natural elements and provides incredible views toward the Strait of Gibraltar, where owners cannot only see the incredible blue colour of the Mediterranean Sea but even the coasts of Northern Africa.

Besides this unique characteristic, the development has been designed to redefine the concept of a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, in which 66 families can live at foot distance from some of the most amazing beaches in all Europe and enjoy the cultural fusion of its local historical monuments.

The area has an average of 300 sunny days a year, so homeowners will enjoy the tall and wide windows that take the most advantage from natural light and color. Also, the apartments have private terraces to enjoy the great weather and even invite some friends to look at the stars or enjoy the sunset.

The complex also has a wide range of social and sports facilities to enjoy. There is a gym to encourage a healthier and more active lifestyle. However, some people prefer to spend the day having a barbecue, while kids play in the playground, and others prefer to enjoy sunbathing in either of both pools.

The attendants of the EXPO Business Day loved the concept of both presentations. After the speech, everyone had the opportunity to meet and network, share experiences and contacts for further business opportunities. It would improve the local real estate industry and the personal growth of every business.

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