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10 Tips to Buy a New Build Property in Costa del Sol

If you are planning on looking for a new build home abroad to buy, you can take a look at Costa del Sol in Spain. Spain is best known for its fantastic sandy beaches and breathtaking views of the ocean. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a gentle cool breeze from the ocean every morning? For this reason, you should try looking for new developments in this area. There are a few tips for you to consider if you want to get the best home for you.

1. Stick to your budget:

Getting a new home is always exciting, and people tend to go overboard with spending. When looking for a home in as much as you want the best house in the market, it is always good to stick to your budget. You don’t want to spend all your savings on the house; you need to always look out for your future.

2. Take a look at other related expenses:

When getting a new home, you need to take a look at some other associated costs in the neighbourhood. It could be a maintenance fee, sewer, and water installation fee, snow ploughing, and road repair. Some neighbourhood communities have a lot of extra expenses which could lead to your mortgage getting a bit more expensive. Always ask your real estate agent if the estate has additional fee charges so that you avoid much spending.

3. Look for the perfect location:

Buying a home is a permanent thing, and you need to think about what you need and what you can’t forego. If you are searching for apartments overlooking the beach then thas what you need to aim for. Although, you can sometimes compromise on some features you need to find a home at the location that works best for you.

4. Check all the documents:

Checking all the documents before buying a house and signing the contract is an important thing, but people always forget. When purchasing a home you don’t need to have a lawyer or attorney for that, but it wouldn’t hurt if you get someone to look at the contract. Make sure that the document states the amount of cash deposited a proper description of the property in question and any penalties. This ensures that you have the legal claim of the ownership.

5. Have a clear idea of all the community restrictions:

Some communities have bizarre community restrictions which can drive you crazy. It is one thing tolerating them for a month or two but imagines having to leave with some of the rules. Some communities don’t allow gardening in the neighborhood so imagine if you love having fresh vegetables from your garden and that can’t happen anymore. Always ensure that you have gone through the restrictions with your real estate agent and figured out what you can forego and what you can’t leave without. Don’t over compromise on some of your comfort at any given moment and always aim at staying in a place where you feel comfortable.

6. Make an offer:

This is the first step in acquiring your dream home in the location you want. When you decide where you want to stay, you need to make an offer and contact a real estate agent. Describe to the real estate agent what kind of property you would love to own. Let them have a clear picture of all the details and features of your dream home. This gives them a chance to come up with some properties that suit your needs and give you enough options for you to choose from.

7. Choose a place with great amenities:

When buying a home look around and find out if they have access to good schools, hospitals, how close are they to the shopping center and how close is the nearest airport or train station. If you are planning to leave in that area, then you need to be sure that your kids get the best education and the best healthcare in the country. The proximity to the nearest public transport is always a bonus as it allows you to get to a particular place on time and with fewer delays.

8. Keep in mind that the last decision is yours:

Owning a home is always exciting, and you find yourself telling all your friends and family. However, keep in mind that the previous decision is yours to make after all you are the one who will be living in that place. Don’t let them decide for you it is good to listen to their opinions about all the, but they should not make the final decision. You can consult them on some of the things that you like about a place, and they help way in making the pros and cons list of the places.

9. Know all your duties as a new owner:

Learn that owning a new home comes with some responsibilities and you need to be up to the task. It would help if you kept in mind that you have to maintain the building for it to be in great shape — plan on how you are going to take care of all the maintenance issues of your new home.

10. Save enough money:

Finding a mortgage that covers 100% of all your expenses can be tricky, so you need always to have some cash set aside. When you have enough savings, it is easier for you to buy your new home. This will save you numerous trips to the bank for a loan.


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